New Alumnae Quarterly

never fear / redesign is here

Dear Alumnae, It’s an understatement to say that Mount Holyoke is abuzz with activity these days. No sooner did the College wrap up its 175th anniversary than it launched a new campaign aimed at prospective students: never fear / change. In the meantime, the Alumnae…... » Read more

Embracing Change

Mount Holyoke women lead in ways big and small Challenging the status quo—facing, embracing, and leading change—is in our collective DNA at Mount Holyoke, where women were learning to devise their own destinies nearly a century before they even had the right to vote. Are…... » Read more

Monica Grover ’99: Flavor, Health, Soul

Every morning, just as dawn is beginning to light up the sky, merchants unload goods and set up stalls in markets all over the world. Each region of the earth has its own special blend of smells that fills the air as baskets of spices,…... » Read more

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