Liza Connolly ’84: Spreading the food revolution, one ravioli at a time

David Letterman once did a hilarious bit where he led his viewers on a tour of a New York City farm, which consisted of a grass strip in midtown Manhattan with boxes of frozen food "growing" in neat rows. It's a joke that Liza Connolly…... » Read more

Deborah Woodward Alexander ’57: Where Illiteracy is the Real Enemy

September 11, 2001, deeply affected people around the world and moved many to take some action to redress the numerous injustices that criminal act brought to light. Deborah Woodward Alexander '57 was one of them. A longtime resident of Canada, Deborah first organized a sponsorship group in…... » Read more

Susan J. Elliott FP’00: How to Get Past Your Past

Susan Elliott’s been through a lot— growing up in foster care, an abusive first marriage, and a terrible divorce—and at one point was suicidal as a result. It took her ten years of hard work to regain health and happiness, but she did it. So she speaks…... » Read more

Eesha Pandit ’03: One Piece of the Human Rights Pie

Every person working for universal human rights would love to know the secret to successfully changing dated attitudes and cultural practices and bring into the conversation voices that have traditionally been ignored. Eesha Pandit hasn’t found a magic solution to these issues, but is enthusiastic…... » Read more