Joanna Chlebus ’05: Reel Feminist

If you are feeling nostalgic for the film studies department at Mount Holyoke (or if you are just a film buff with some feminist flair), the blog of alumna Joanna Chlebus ’05, Reel Feminist, will take you back to those seminars and screenings. With a…... » Read more

woman with birth control pill between her teeth

“My Voice” Essay: Fighting for Reproductive Freedom for a Half-Century

Last February, when the Catholic bishops and congressional Republicans attempted to remove contraceptives from the list of medications freely accessible to all through insurance, many members of the class of 1961 were outraged. As part of the first generation to benefit from birth-control pills, we…... » Read more

Laurian Lue Yen ’10 Helps Fellow Jamaicans Brush Up Their Oral Health

This fall, Laurian Lue Yen ’10 was a guest on "Smile Jamaica," one of the country’s top morning news shows. Dressed in a white lab coat, Lue Yen sat across from the anchor, who introduced her as “the chair of the Association for Oral Health…... » Read more

President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 in her office

President’s Pen: Winter 2013

What an exciting time to be at Mount Holyoke, as we celebrate 175 years of educating women of influence! We take pride in Mount Holyoke’s historic role in higher education and reaffirm our commitment to providing access to educational excellence for women from around the…... » Read more