Robin Layton Mann ’73: Addressing a Planet Emergency

Robin Mann has worked to improve the environment for more than thirty years. Water pollution, air quality, and now climate change have been in her portfolio of concerns since she began working as a local activist for the Sierra Club ( in the 1980s. Today,…... » Read more

Salamanders Signal a Global Warning

A young alumna’s discovery in Yellowstone National Park is causing a stir far beyond its gates and has sobering implications for the future of the planet. For nearly five years, Sarah McMenamin ’04 has been conducting research on a subspecies of tiger salamander, called Ambystomatigrinum,…... » Read more

Down to Earth: Bringing Green Living Home

These days, “green” living is a mark of chic. It’s as common to hear people boast about their new Prius or Energy Star appliance as it is about a new house or a trip to Europe. Reducing one’s “carbon footprint” is an activity on par…... » Read more

Trouble in Your Tank?: Ethanol Fuels More Problems Than It Solves

“What I find most puzzling is how little we, as a nation, seem to care about finding alternative solutions to the fuel mess.” As summer hit the beautiful Mount holyoke campus, world energy and food markets were in a state of unprecedented turmoil. Lest you…... » Read more