Returning to “Mo-Home” with my daughter

Carla Richardson Lambert ’88 reflects on bringing daughter Brittany ’16 to MHC this fall. "We are Mo-Home." That phrase from the cover of the summer Alumnae Quarterly sums up how I felt stepping back onto campus in August, twenty-four years after I left. I have…... » Read more

Just the Yarn shelves of yarn

Strands of Time

Unraveling Knitting’s Enduring Appeal at MHC Often I’ve slipped back in memory to an anthropology class, Marriage and the Family, in the fall of my junior year. I sit at the end of the second row, knitting maroon wool into a sweater for my boyfriend, while up front Mr. Lobb…... » Read more

What Would Mary Lyon Say?

Many and varied voices have claimed to speak for Mount Holyoke’s founder.   “Good morning, young ladies!” At the sound of those words “in a tone so like Miss Lyon’s,” the assembled daughters of Mount Holyoke rose in unison “with great enthusiasm.” It was 1887…... » Read more

The Day I Wore Eleanor Roosevelt’s Bathing Suit

    —By Judy Fisher Kidney '34 This article appeared in the winter 2001 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more