Afghan Women Today: Breaking the Silence, Facing the World

We have seen countless images from Afghanistan in recent years, but we rarely hear from or about the female half of the Afghan population. To help break the silence, we present images of Afghan women and girls taken by photographer and USAID worker Amy Koler…... » Read more

Wendy Xa ’93: A Preschool for Lulu

If you don't live in San Francisco, you probably haven’t heard that finding a preschool in my fair city can be a true parenting headache. Openings are scarce. The competition can be fierce. In fall 2007, when my daughter Lulu was two, my family waded into…... » Read more

The International Experience: Dhanashri Patil ’13

Student Edge Extra: Extended Comments from Dhanashri Patil ’13 Dhanashri Patil ’13, who hails from Gondawale, India, talks more about her experiences as an international student at MHC Coming to the U.S. and adjusting to everything (food, weather, culture, transport, the education system, etc.) was…... » Read more

A Short History of Philosophical Ideas about Infinity

Illustration: Elwood Smith Note: This article is part of "What Everyone Should Know About...", a Quarterly series by MHC professors. Almost the earliest pieces of writing we possess speculate and argue about the infinite. Greek philosopher Zeno's paradoxes are probably the earliest. One of them…... » Read more