Fall 2008

Trouble in Your Tank?: Ethanol Fuels More Problems Than It Solves

“What I find most puzzling is how little we, as a nation, seem to care about finding alternative solutions to the fuel mess.” As summer hit the beautiful Mount holyoke campus, world energy and food markets were in a state of unprecedented turmoil. Lest you…... » Read more

Move Over, Lara Croft: Not All the Women in Video Games Are Digital

When you think of video games, you probably picture a geeky teenage boy camped out in a living room, chomping on potato chips while piling up points racing from one virtual level to the next. (You don’t imagine girls at a slumber party playing Super…... » Read more

Light Motifs – Marcia Birken’s Images Meld Math and Art

Patterns are important to Marcia Katz Birken ’71. As a mathematics professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for nearly three decades, Birken taught about the elegant patterns numbers make. But a nature tour of Yellowstone National Park in 2005 sent her love of patterns…... » Read more

Alberto’s ‘Daughters’—MHC Bonds Buoy Professor Through Troubled Times

Professor of Spanish Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez remembers his fortieth birthday party in 1994 as a death-taunting celebration. No one present thought the guest of honor, even if he was lucky, would survive until the millennium. He was gaunt to the point of wasting, and suffering advanced…... » Read more

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