Fall 2013

Embracing Change

Mount Holyoke women lead in ways big and small Challenging the status quo—facing, embracing, and leading change—is in our collective DNA at Mount Holyoke, where women were learning to devise their own destinies nearly a century before they even had the right to vote. Are…... » Read more

On Display: A Dressed up Affair

Titanic-era gown of Katharine Condon Foster, class of 1914 When Carolyn Chesebrough Foster ’58 moved to her husband’s childhood home in Friendship, Maine, she discovered an extraordinary relic hanging in one of the closets—a formal, Titanic-era, silk gown. Edged with ermine (short-tailed weasel) fur and…... » Read more

MoHome Memories: Birth of the Cool

How seven young professors became rock stars for a night (or two) “When you play music, your first obligation is that you can’t be lame,” confesses professor of history Daniel Czitrom. On opening night of the 1984 faculty show, Czitrom and his bandmates were anything…... » Read more

The Maven: Finding Your Financial Confidence

Financial confidence could well be a final frontier for women, one we must broach and conquer. Here are five steps to financial confidence, which surprisingly have nothing to do with finance-speak or how to compute rates of returns. They do, however, have a lot to…... » Read more