fall 2015

More Books Fall 2015

UnCommon Preaching Wipf and Stock Prompted by the decline in church membership, the author embarked on a journey to churches across the country that had more lively worship. She discovered that many of the preachers of these thriving churches took a more theme-based approach rather…... » Read more

Frederic and Elsa Sell

Mount Holyoke: A Haven from the Holocaust

In 1937 a promising academic career in Germany came to a skidding halt, when Professor Friedrich (or Frederic, as he was known later) Carl Sell refused to divorce his Jewish wife, Elsa. Sell had studied history, German literature, art history, and philosophy at the Universities…... » Read more

President Pasquerella and alum

President’s Pen: Fall 2015

The summer provided an extraordinary opportunity to connect with alumnae across the country, from Seattle, San Francisco, and Jackson Hole to Aspen, Santa Fe, Austin, Tampa, and Cape Cod. One of the most frequent questions I hear from alumnae on these visits is how they…... » Read more

Mary Lyon houskeeping hints

Mary Lyon’s Recipes & Housekeeping Hints

Among the collection of Mary Lyon’s papers are a booklet of recipes and housekeeping hints written in her slanted hand. Though difficult to read due to her script, faded paper, and ink blotches, we were able to decipher a few of the recipes, below. See the scanned booklet…... » Read more