fall 2016


Alum Fellowships Provide Opportunities for Learning

“After forty years, I recently returned to the small Spanish town that was the site of my doctoral fieldwork on women’s work,” Jenny Masur ’71 says after finishing a three-month visit funded by a Mary E. Woolley Fellowship from the Alumnae Association. Recently retired and…... » Read more

Insider’s View: The President’s House

Tucked away on the western edge of campus behind Pearsons Hall sits the house where the past eight Mount Holyoke presidents have lived. The pale yellow three-story stucco home was commissioned by the College’s eleventh president, Mary Woolley, designed by Horace Frazer of Boston, and…... » Read more


The Maven: Sharing Your Wishes

These days, with apologies to Tina Turner, I’ve been asking myself, “What’s death got to do with it?” You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine without encountering advice about preparing for death or documenting your end-of-life wishes. Are we starting at the wrong end…... » Read more

Meg Barstow ’42 with her art

The Female Gaze: Fall 2016

Queer Gospel: A Reclamation A bunch of PhD candidates forming a queer gospel group? Sounds unlikely and unusual, but it’s true for Mallory Cohn ’08 and three friends at Indiana University in Bloomington. In 2013 Cohn was invited to join The Anointed, a new all-femme…... » Read more

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