fall 2017

MHC Professor Lauret Savoy Explores Race and the American Landscape

Supported by a Carnegie Fellowship, Professor Lauret Savoy Digs into the Essential Questions of Her—and Our—American Past David B. Truman Professor of Environmental Studies Lauret Savoy approaches air travel like a baseball enthusiast who records the minutiae of each inning on a scorecard. And while…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke Alumna Reduces Poverty in Her Native Country through Wholesome Dairy

Marie Cavosora ’91 is known as the resident “Dairy Godmother” at CalaBoo Dairyard, a social enterprise that she founded in her native Philippines last year. After a prosperous two decades in corporate America—working in advertising for brands such as Pepsi, Disney, and Kraft Foods—a spiritual…... » Read more

What Did Virginia Apgar ’29 Carry in Her Medical Bag?

Dr. Virginia Apgar ’29 is most known for changing the landscape of obstetric medicine with her invention in 1952 of the Apgar Score, the first standardized method for evaluating newborn health. But do you know what she carried in her medical bag? Mount Holyoke Archives…... » Read more

Kathryn Hobbie ’69 Performs Whimsical Opera for Elementary School Children

For more than five years Kathryn Hobbie ’69 and her cast of characters have been entertaining and educating elementary school children about the world of opera. Through the production Opera the Great Hobbie and five performers from the nonprofit Opera Quest Northwest travel to elementary schools…... » Read more

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