Catalyst for Change: Shirley Chisholm’s time in Congress, on campus and beyond

In late January 1972, a petite African American woman took center stage in the auditorium of the Concord Baptist Church School in Brooklyn, New York. The room and rafters were overflowing with press and several hundred supporters, and all eyes were on the 47-year-old woman…... » Read more

Joining forces beyond the gates

Three groups of alums share the benefits and joys of working together, rediscovering the Mount Holyoke bond beyond the gates and South Hadley. Healthcare Heroes Katharine Smith ’05 and Rebecca Stephens ’03 are nurse practitioners who first worked together at the Drexel Vaginitis Center in…... » Read more

A student and family poses with Paws, the lion mascot, by the Orientation welcome tent.

Mount Holyoke’s Move-in Day experience

An inside look at what it takes for new students to settle in to their new campus home. On Friday, August 30, several hundred members of the newest yellow sphinxes, the class of 2023, along with new transfer students and Frances Perkins scholars, arrived on…... » Read more

Sparking Curiosity

The first time Nancie Fimbel ’68 stepped onto campus, she knew she belonged. “This is where I wanted to be,” she says. And since that very first moment, she has been engaged in and inspired by the work of Mount Holyoke. Fimbel’s career shaped her…... » Read more

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