Music That Speaks for Itself

Zeb Bangash ’04 is Half of Pakistan’s Hottest Pop Duo Mubarik Ali Khan, a top classical Indian music vocalist, showed little enthusiasm when Zeb Bangash ’04 was introduced to him as a possible student in 1999. However, after her first lesson—a test run taking Bangash through basic scales to gauge her voice and musical sense—his indifference melted.…... » Read more

Battling Bullying: What to Do When Push Comes to Shove

The story of Phoebe Prince, a fifteen-year-old student at South Hadley High School who took her own life last January after being bullied mercilessly by classmates, made national headlines. The Boston Globe ran a column titled “Untouchable Mean Girls,” and Phoebe’s photo was splashed on the cover of People. The…... » Read more

The Life of the Hands: Does Hands-On Work Mean Leaving Brainwork Behind?

So you think grad school’s difficult? Try lifting fifty-pound bags of flour; or climbing a ladder in the snow to work on electrical lines; or repeatedly cutting and gluing pieces of wood and leather to make a musical instrument. Sometimes the life of the hands is just as challenging as the life of the mind.…... » Read more

In a Class of Its Own: Thirty Years on, Frances Perkins Program Still Changing Lives

Picture a warm May day in South Hadley. Standing on the lawn in front of Blanchard Campus Center is a group of women wearing crisp white dresses and deep purple scarves. They are waving hand-lettered signs in the air—“It is there to be done, so I do it”; “I…... » Read more