Unexpected Destinations

Seven alums exit the career highway and drive the streets seeking satisfying work Ellie Skeele ’75 could not have predicted that she would end up in Nepal as the founder and president of a company introducing the world to a new, sustainable fiber derived from the…... » Read more

Taking Birth Back: Alums Give a Big Push For Midwifery

"My mother has very little memory of what it was like to give birth,” says Jainee McCarroll ’93. "She was knocked out and was traumatized by the experience. I wanted to shift the paradigm of my family’s birth history by giving my child the gift of my presence." So…... » Read more

Dottie Segal Casper ’48: 83-Year-Old Standup

Dottie Segal Casper ’48 didn’t think of herself as funny for most of her life. But in her late seventies, she suddenly started knocking ’em dead as a stand-up comedian. On little more than a whim, she showed up for a 2004 comedy workshop at…... » Read more

Sisters in Arms: Military Alumnae Find Fulfillment in Uniform

With dust storms swirling above, explosives dropping in the evenings, and the Army rolling in, Air Force Major Kimberly Calcutt McQueen ’99 sat atop Saddam Hussein’s former private terminal at the Baghdad airport in the summer of 2007, maintaining the communications network for Air Force…... » Read more