Inside a Campus Tour

Read more about what how students, including tour guides and Harriet Newhall Scholars, are helping shape the next generation of Mount Holyoke students in the Alumnae Quarterly article, "Fresh Perspectives on Prospectives." Admissions Video from Mount Holyoke Alumnae Associatio on Vimeo.... » Read more

Venturing Out on Her Own

Christina Brandstrom Balotescu ’97 shares how she started her own business It’s well known that women often struggle to reach the highest levels at major corporations. What’s received less attention is that they can face similar challenges when they’re working for their own relatives. That…... » Read more

Women in the Lead

Overseen by Barbara Moakler Byrne ’76, the Women in Leadership Index is showing that the market is bullish on companies with women at the helm Shortly before taking her company public in January 2014, Sheila Lirio Marcelo ’93 went on the road to get feedback…... » Read more


Practical Pursuit

Mount Holyoke stands apart in a crowded higher-ed landscape when it comes to helping students infuse professional skills into a liberal arts education Passing through Mount Holyoke’s McCulloch Center one day, Norma Shindika ’16 saw a listing for an internship with Embark Energy—whose mission is…... » Read more

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