Sticker Shock

Alumnae navigate a world in which women still earn only seventy-eight cents on the dollar. Dr. Margaret Fredricks ’00 spent three years searching for a job as a chemist in Germany after earning her doctorate from Technische Universitat Munchen. She worked as a copyeditor for chemistry…... » Read more

A Scholarly Feast

Culinary historian Barbara Ketcham  Wheaton ’53 turns to cookbooks to learn about the past. “Ladies and gentlemen,” announced Barbara Ketcham Wheaton ’53, addressing the twenty occupants of a staid conference room at the Radcliffe Institute’s Schlesinger Library, “I have been asked to tell you how to…... » Read more

Life Blood

Dr. Marvin Mitchell actually met Madeleine Stout ’13 in person last fall, but he first encountered her twenty-three years ago in the form of one of the thousands of blood droplets that pass each week through the Boston laboratory at the New England Newborn Screening…... » Read more

Investing in Opportunities for Reinvention

When Kay Althoff FP’84 arrived at Mount Holyoke in 1982, she was forty-one and the mother of three school-age children. She had started college after high school in Ohio but never graduated and had landed in western Massachusetts when her husband’s career path brought the family…... » Read more