Making an Impact in Education

Department of Psychology and Education Building on more than a century of expertise, Mount Holyoke offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in psychology and education as well as a master of arts degree. Undergraduate students have the option of choosing several different academic programs that relate…... » Read more

Building Foundations in Faith

Guided by their spiritual beliefs, women lead the way for their families and communities When Rev. Felicia Thomas’s ’84 son was small, she brought him to watch choir practice at the First Baptist Church in Princeton, New Jersey, where she was the parish’s first and,…... » Read more

Access to Education

Expanding opportunities for low-income students in America During a bitterly contested election, a senator gives a closely watched speech on education. “We are not attracting bright young men and women into teaching because the salaries which we pay our teachers are shamefully low,” the senator says.…... » Read more

Everyday Changemakers

Alumnae making a difference through change Most women’s lives aren’t comprised of prizewinning, front-page accomplishments. But the details of their day-to-day work—coupled with devotion, passion, or just plain stubbornness—can set change in motion and lead to unintended positive, even extraordinary, impacts in their own lives and,…... » Read more