A Cappella: Sisters in Song

MHC A Cappella Groups Sing in Solidarity and Harmony On a cool Sunday evening in September, Cassidy Bommer ’13 sat at a desk in her dorm room, checking email and trying to ignore her escalating heartbeat. They had told her to wait for a visit.…... » Read more

Unusually Grounded Alumnae Homes

These alumnae dwellings showcase their natural assets Since the dawn of time, people have built homes to shelter themselves from the ravages of nature. And many in the developed world still choose to live in houses that insulate them from the natural world—super-airtight dwellings with central…... » Read more

Magical Memory Tour

Revisiting Favorite Campus Spots When you think about your favorite spot at Mount Holyoke, do you envision autumn’s scarlet splendor? The murmur of hushed conversations and concentration in the library’s reading room or the smell of coffee in the atrium? Upper Lake’s thundering waterfall? Perhaps…... » Read more

Volunteerism: Powerful Work without Pay

After her husband Jim, a Navy pilot, was shot down in 1965 and taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, Sybil Bailey Stockdale ’46 was frustrated by the US government’s expectation that relatives of POWs not speak out about their mistreatment. So she organized the National League…... » Read more

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