female gaze

Kathryn Hobbie ’69 Performs Whimsical Opera for Elementary School Children

For more than five years Kathryn Hobbie ’69 and her cast of characters have been entertaining and educating elementary school children about the world of opera. Through the production Opera the Great Hobbie and five performers from the nonprofit Opera Quest Northwest travel to elementary schools…... » Read more

Dorien Davies ’98 Brings Beloved Characters to Life Onscreen as a Digital Puppeteer

Dorien Davies ’98 didn’t always dream of being a puppeteer. Instead, her journey into the tightly knit world of puppeteering began after years of acting and writing comedy productions. Before an encounter with the famed Jim Henson Company guided Davies onto her current path, she…... » Read more

Grapefruit with Black Ribbon by Susan Jane Walp ’70

Reimagining Still Life with Susan Jane Walp ’70

Artist-in-residence For two months last spring Susan Jane Walp ’70 was the artist-in-residence in the studio art department at Dartmouth College. Since the 1930s the program has been bringing artists to campus to give students an idea of what it is like to be a…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Spring 2017

Exploring The Angled Road In January 2013 Emily Dietrich ’85 started a writers’ group open to members of the Mount Holyoke Club of Puget Sound, in Washington state. The group, which was first suggested by then-president Lisa Tompkins ’82, offers alumnae the opportunity to get…... » Read more