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Over the Hills and Far Away

More Books: Spring 2017

Being and Becoming Scientists Today Sense Publishers Susan A. Kirch and Michele Amoroso Kirch and Amoroso present a new approach to designing science education environments which put learner-scientists at the center of their learning projects. The authors provide new tools for thinking about science as…... » Read more

Meg Barstow ’42 with her art

The Female Gaze: Fall 2016

Queer Gospel: A Reclamation A bunch of PhD candidates forming a queer gospel group? Sounds unlikely and unusual, but it’s true for Mallory Cohn ’08 and three friends at Indiana University in Bloomington. In 2013 Cohn was invited to join The Anointed, a new all-femme…... » Read more

More Fall 2016 Books

Torches in Shadows CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Combining contemporary poetry and painting, Torches in Shadows is a selection of the work of collaborating artists Cornelia Rohde and Hester Ohbi. Whether shadow dancing in the Amatola Mountains, gazing into the eye of an octopus on the…... » Read more

More Books Summer 2016

Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula’s Rome Bexley House Books Headstrong young Marcus Carinna longs to prove his courage by leading legions against Rome’s enemies. Instead, his ambitious father order him home to serve the man who was his brother’s closet friend. But Marcus can’t…... » Read more