female gaze

Mollye performing Occupied Territories

The Female Gaze: Summer 2016

Theatre of Movement Mollye Maxner’s FP’05 creative work is so multifaceted you can’t slap any one label on what she does. She wears the hats of director, dramatist, choreographer, playwright, and artistic director, developing and presenting original theatre and movement works. Maxner is also a…... » Read more

Blush Painting

Female Gaze: Spring 2016

Ceramics: Sculpting a Life “People are never just one thing or another. For me, life is not a dichotomy,” says Joan Libby Hawk ’69.  This sentiment has guided Libby Hawk throughout her life, now more so than ever as she enters what she refers to…... » Read more

More Books Spring 2016

Five Flights Up: Sex, Love, and Family, From Paris to Lyon CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Life unravels when American psychotherapist Kristin Louise Duncombe faces being uprooted again—to follow her husband from their secure nest in Paris to bourgeois Lyon. The result is a touchstone memoir…... » Read more

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn mixed media piece

The Female Gaze: Winter 2016

Mixed Media: Political Artistry “Attention is such a valuable thing these days. We’re constantly distracted,” says Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn ’03. “I want to help people see things that are important . . . and pause. Pausing is important.” The Denver artist seeks to command the attention of…... » Read more