Sarah Frimpong ’11: Dutch-Inspired Sandwiches

Studying abroad is often characterized by adventure and self-discovery, but for Sarah Frimpong ’11, it was also a “six-month sandwich awakening.” While spending a semester in Amsterdam, Sarah became enamored with broodjes (Dutch sandwiches) for their simple, high-quality ingredients. She decided to bring this concept…... » Read more

Monica Grover ’99: Flavor, Health, Soul

Every morning, just as dawn is beginning to light up the sky, merchants unload goods and set up stalls in markets all over the world. Each region of the earth has its own special blend of smells that fills the air as baskets of spices,…... » Read more

Holly Hughes ’75 Dishes on the Best Food Writing

Since its inception in 2000, Holly Hughes has been editing the Best Food Writing series, which highlights culinary trends through epicurean-inspired stories and essays. With titles like “Still Life with Mayonnaise” and “Truffle in Paradise,” the Best Food Writing of 2012 examines food from the…... » Read more

Alum Blog: Exploring the World of Local and Organic Food

"Local" is a relative concept for Anabelle Harari ’11. Her post-grad life has consisted of border crossing, backpacking, and blogging. Local Belle, her blog and passion project, is a place of worship for local food. She’s bounced from Kathmandu to Kerala, roaming around Nepal and…... » Read more

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