Alum Blog: “Yankee Kitchen Ninja” Julianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91

Julianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91 is known to her faithful followers as the Yankee Kitchen Ninja, or “the Ninj” for short. This title might have something to do with her knife skills in the kitchen and the unorthodox recipes she features on her blog Adventures of…... » Read more

Alumnae Eateries Profiles

  Eleven years ago, Nicky Mesiah left her sales job in the beauty industry to launch Mesiah Event Planners, a catering company with a healthy bent. “I love to eat, and I love to prepare food,” she says. Yet at the same time, she was…... » Read more

Gluten Free Blog

Alum Blog: Jennifer Rafferty ’92

  Though skeptics may say that Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is simply a recent attempt to capitalize on the masses’ mild hypochondria, it is actually one of the most common and under-diagnosed afflictions in the Western world. According to the University of Chicago Celiac…... » Read more

Elise Hale-Case ’09: Feeding the Hungry

  At the Queen Anne Food Bank in Seattle, Washington, basement doors open at 6.30 am. During the morning of any given day, between eighty and 150 hungry people stop by. Food bank overseer Elise Hale-Case ’09 prepares sack lunches and volunteers distribute them to…... » Read more

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