Good Eats

Eat Your Way Around the World the Alumnae Way The next time you go out to dinner in Manhattan or stop at a café in northern Costa Rica, let it be at a business run by a Mount Holyoke woman. All of these alumnae—from the…... » Read more

Jennifer E. Jackson ’03: Just Your Cup of Tea

As a girl, Jennifer Jackson accompanied her mother to New York City tea rooms, but didn't develop a real appreciation for the beverage until spending her junior year studying in tea-loving England. Today, Jennifer runs her own specialty tea company, which offers unusual blends she…... » Read more

Liza Connolly ’84: Spreading the food revolution, one ravioli at a time

David Letterman once did a hilarious bit where he led his viewers on a tour of a New York City farm, which consisted of a grass strip in midtown Manhattan with boxes of frozen food "growing" in neat rows. It's a joke that Liza Connolly…... » Read more

Growing Up, Growing Hope, Growing Food: Michelle Obama’s Garden

When the news first hit that Michelle Obama was starting an organic vegetable garden, I became obsessed, reading everything about it. As a passionate locavore and organic foodie, I can’t begin to describe the thrill I felt about her garden. As a black woman, my…... » Read more