A Closer Look: An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story

It’s How We Handle the Unforeseen Crises that Defines Us Nineteen years ago, Sally Everett ’65 was diagnosed with Alpha-1 COPD, a rare form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that gets progressively worse. Then a successful prosecutor for the New York state attorney general’s Medicaid…... » Read more

Brenda Phillips ’78: Painting the Brain Poetic

An androgynous figure on a throne, crowned and red-robed, stares frankly at the viewer. Artist Brenda Phillips '78 can easily name the origin of her partly collaged canvas, rendered in saturated pastels and emerald-colored paints: William Butler Yeats. After complaining of gradual memory loss ten years ago,…... » Read more

Thirty Years of Red Ribbons

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, continues to make headlines as activists and researchers mark the thirtieth year since the first HIV cases were identified—and the thirtieth year without a cure or vaccine. And the epidemic continues to spread, as Lily Rodriguez '09 knows only too…... » Read more

Roberta Aber ’65: Supporting Family Planning Against All Odds

When Roberta Aber '65 graduated from Mount Holyoke, birth control—even for married couples—was still illegal in a number of states. "I myself was denied birth control in Massachusetts in late 1967," Roberta remembers. This personal experience, as well as her drive to give women legal…... » Read more