Volunteerism: Powerful Work without Pay

After her husband Jim, a Navy pilot, was shot down in 1965 and taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, Sybil Bailey Stockdale ’46 was frustrated by the US government’s expectation that relatives of POWs not speak out about their mistreatment. So she organized the National League…... » Read more

Alum Blog: Doula Trainee Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00

Helping Mothers Help Themselves A postpartum doula is an assistant to a family and their newborn for the first six weeks to three months after the birth. Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00 is in training to be a doula, and is documenting her experiences in her blog,…... » Read more

Elise Hale-Case ’09: Feeding the Hungry

  At the Queen Anne Food Bank in Seattle, Washington, basement doors open at 6.30 am. During the morning of any given day, between eighty and 150 hungry people stop by. Food bank overseer Elise Hale-Case ’09 prepares sack lunches and volunteers distribute them to…... » Read more

A Closer Look: Paranoid Parents: Get a Grip!

When Christie Horn Barnes’s husband died suddenly of a stroke six years ago, she was left alone to parent two-year-old triplets and a daughter who was four. Panic set in. “I was in shock,” the 1977 alumna recalls of her bereavement and the consequent hyper-attention she paid to…... » Read more