insider’s view

Insider’s View: Fisk Organ

While Abbey Memorial Chapel houses two organs, it’s the Fisk Organ that offers a spectacular view familiar to anyone who has gazed at it where it sits elevated on a balcony in the back of the building. Installed during the 1984-1985 academic year, the organ…... » Read more

Celebrating Mount Holyoke’s new community center

Alumnae visiting campus often spend time at their favorite spots and seek out those spaces that are new since they graduated. Over the past few months, the Community Center has been the focal point of many of those visits, as it sits, quite literally, in…... » Read more

Alumnae Sisters Created the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Turkey

Just seven years after graduating from Mount Holyoke, Mary Ann (known also as Mary and Annie) and Charlotte Ely, both class of 1861, established their own version of the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis, Turkey. A handwritten “autobiographical sketch” found in Archives and Special Collections, presumed…... » Read more

Seats in Rooke

A Look Inside Alice Withington Rooke Theatre

Rooke slideshow Built in 1966, the Alice Withington Rooke Theatre, originally named Laboratory Theatre, was renamed in 1977 to honor the mother of then-trustee Dorothy Rooke McCulloch ’50. Located off Morgan Street between Creighton Hall and Abbey-Buckland Hall, the site was also home to the…... » Read more