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Alumnae Sisters Created the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Turkey

Just seven years after graduating from Mount Holyoke, Mary Ann (known also as Mary and Annie) and Charlotte Ely, both class of 1861, established their own version of the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis, Turkey. A handwritten “autobiographical sketch” found in Archives and Special Collections, presumed…... » Read more

Seats in Rooke

A Look Inside Alice Withington Rooke Theatre

Rooke slideshow Built in 1966, the Alice Withington Rooke Theatre, originally named Laboratory Theatre, was renamed in 1977 to honor the mother of then-trustee Dorothy Rooke McCulloch ’50. Located off Morgan Street between Creighton Hall and Abbey-Buckland Hall, the site was also home to the…... » Read more

A Tour Inside the Iconic Campus Clock Tower

On the third floor of Mary Lyon Hall, down a hallway and through two offices, if you look up and behind a door, you will see in the ceiling a small trap door. Under it stands a ladder, next to which hangs a thick tan…... » Read more

Rocking chair and fireplace at Sycamores

Sycamores: A Look Inside the Home of South Hadley’s Wealthiest Bachelor (in 1788)

Sycamores, located on Woodbridge Street north of the Mount Holyoke campus and named for the grand trees that once lined the building’s path, was built in 1788 by Colonel Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridge. South Hadley’s wealthiest resident and illustrious bachelor wore the hats of a physician,…... » Read more