insider’s view

Alumnae Quarterly Office

Insider’s View: The Alumnae Quarterly Office

¶ In 1917 the Alumnae Association spent $2.60 on a brass plaque that now marks the office of the Alumnae Quarterly on the third floor of Mary E. Woolley Hall. The complete history of the magazine’s office space is unknown, but we know that the…... » Read more

Chapin Auditorium

Insider’s View: Chapin Auditorium at 100

In 1899 students and alumnae came up with the idea for a shared building, one that would be a headquarters for student organizations and a home for visiting alumnae. After years of planning and fundraising by students, faculty, and alumnae, the new building—Student Alumnae Hall—was…... » Read more

Dozens of specimens preserved in formaldehyde line the shelves of a large wooden cabinet in the specimen room. Photo by Joanna Chattman

Insider’s View: Clapp Laboratory Basement

Although some may find the lowest level of Clapp Hall creepy, for others it is a haven full of biological curiosities. The long hall running the length of the floor, stocked with preserved specimens and cabinets of fossils, leads to rooms that serve many functions…... » Read more

Betty Shabazz Cultural Center

Insider’s View: Betty Shabazz Cultural House

Known affectionately by students as “the Betty,” the Betty Shabazz Cultural House serves as a meeting place for student organizations, including the Association of Pan-African Unity (APAU), the Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Student Association (MHACASA), and Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI). The Betty has…... » Read more