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Music Library

Insider’s View: Music Library

Within Pratt Music Hall resides the small, quiet Eleanor Pierce Stevens Library of Music. The space is named after Eleanor Pierce Stevens ’25 and was established in 2001 as part of the building’s renovation, which also resulted in improvements to the concert hall, now McCulloch…... » Read more

Web Exclusive: A Quiet Legacy

Dr. and Mrs. Yamashita changed the lives of a generation of Mount Holyoke students through their dedication to education in East Asian Studies. One part of their exemplary work was realized in the construction of the tearoom Wa-shin-an, completed in 1984 and named by the Urasenke grand master…... » Read more

Insider’s View: Wa-shin-an

Wa-shin-an, translated directly as “Peace Mind House,” is a “hidden jewel on campus, and a rare space to find at a college,” says Heath Atchley, manager of Mount Holyoke’s Japanese Teahouse and Meditation Garden. Built in 1984, the teahouse and garden are situated on the…... » Read more

Insider’s View: The Pump House

The Pump House, and what was referred to as the “kissing bridge,” were familiar sights to Mount Holyoke women of earlier generations. Although the original kissing bridge is gone, the Pump House remains, situated along the stream that runs between Upper Lake and Lower Lake,…... » Read more