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Insider’s View: The Mineralogy and Petrology Lab

Lining the halls on the third floor of Clapp are more than a dozen glass-enclosed display cases of rocks and minerals, samples from all over the world and as varied as amethyst to marble. Many more samples are housed in the mineralogy and petrology lab—known…... » Read more

Insider’s View: Gettell Amphitheater

In 1961 the amphitheater was constructed as just one part of an ambitious campus improvement plan implemented by Richard Glenn Gettell, the College’s thirteenth president. In its earliest years Pageant Green was a popular spot for professors to hold class on a nice day. In…... » Read more

The Annual Spring Flower Show

The spring 2014 Alumnae Quarterly gave an insider's look at the Talcott Greenhouse, built in 1896. Watch a video by Kimberlyn Fong ’15 of the 2014 Annual Spring Flower Show to see the beautiful bulbs and plants that draw nearly 2,000 people to the greenhouse each year. » Read…... » Read more

Insider’s View: Inside the Greenhouse

Built in the years immediately following the fire of 1896, which destroyed the original seminary building on campus, Talcott Greenhouse displays a living collection of plants from around the world. First-years can stop by to collect a complimentary plant—most often a jade or spider. The…... » Read more