international students

Voices at the Table

When it comes to diversity, Mount Holyoke leads the way in providing an education to students from countries around the world, fostering an academic environment that not only gives opportunities for students to learn from one another in the classroom but prepares them to graduate…... » Read more

International Student Networking Event

Networking Event for International Students

The Alumnae Association and Mount Holyoke College's Dean of Internationals Students Donna Van Handle cohosted a networking event for international students on campus on November 17, 2013. Ninety students attended and had the opportunity to network with ten alumnae from various career paths, most of whom came to Mount…... » Read more

Reverse Culture Shock: International Alumnae Discover Returning Home Is Hard

Culture shock—that disorienting feeling that's common while adjusting to another country—is a challenging but expected part of settling into a new society. What happens, though, when an international student returns home after Mount Holyoke? After adapting to a foreign culture, going home again should feel like…... » Read more

The International Experience: Dhanashri Patil ’13

Student Edge Extra: Extended Comments from Dhanashri Patil ’13 Dhanashri Patil ’13, who hails from Gondawale, India, talks more about her experiences as an international student at MHC Coming to the U.S. and adjusting to everything (food, weather, culture, transport, the education system, etc.) was…... » Read more

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