Music That Speaks for Itself

Zeb Bangash ’04 is Half of Pakistan’s Hottest Pop Duo Mubarik Ali Khan, a top classical Indian music vocalist, showed little enthusiasm when Zeb Bangash ’04 was introduced to him as a possible student in 1999. However, after her first lesson—a test run taking Bangash through basic scales to gauge her voice and musical sense—his indifference melted.…... » Read more

Journey into Africa

Alumnae confront the challenges with thoughtfulness, humanity, and success Like so many others in America, Jennifer Kyker '02 had seen the commercials imploring viewers to send money to help people starving in Africa. They were heartbreaking and compelling, and they'd raised millions of dollars for…... » Read more

Carol Klein Mack ’60: International Reality Theater

SEVEN, a collaborative theater production initiated by playwright Carol Klein Mack '60, premiered in 2008 at the 92nd Street Y in New York City during a snow storm on Martin Luther King Day. Worried that the attendance might be thin because of the inclement weather, Carol…... » Read more

Afghan Women Today: Breaking the Silence, Facing the World

We have seen countless images from Afghanistan in recent years, but we rarely hear from or about the female half of the Afghan population. To help break the silence, we present images of Afghan women and girls taken by photographer and USAID worker Amy Koler…... » Read more