Erica Lutes ’02 Named Chief at Fulbright Belgium

Erica Lutes ’02 has been named executive director of the Fulbright  Commission at the US Embassy in Belgium. Fulbright Belgium, also known as the Commission for Educational Exchange, administers several Fulbright Scholarship Programs for citizens of Belgium and Luxembourg. QUARTERLY: Can you give me an…... » Read more

Web extras for “Reverse Culture Shock,” summer 2011 Quarterly

Alumnae essays by international alumnae about experiencing “reverse culture shock” when returning home after MHC continue here. Click on a name to jump to that person’s story. • Gianna Montinola ’80 found it hard to curb her tongue to let others “save face” after returning…... » Read more

Humble Crusader: Tashi Zangmo FP’99 Promotes Female Education in Bhutan

 Many an alumna has been described as “following in Mary Lyon’s footsteps,” but the comparison fits Tashi Zangmo FP’99 better than most. Zangmo, a citizen of Bhutan— where many girls still lack even a primary school education— says her life’s work is to elevate the…... » Read more

Music That Speaks for Itself: Zeb Bangash ’04 Is Half of Pakistan’s Hottest Pop Duo

Mubarik Ali Khan, a top classical Indian music vocalist, showed little enthusiasm when Zeb Bangash ’04 was introduced to him as a possible student in 1999. However, after her first lesson—a test run taking Bangash through basic scales to gauge her voice and musical sense—his…... » Read more