Sisters in Arms: Military Alumnae Find Fulfillment in Uniform

With dust storms swirling above, explosives dropping in the evenings, and the Army rolling in, Air Force Major Kimberly Calcutt McQueen ’99 sat atop Saddam Hussein’s former private terminal at the Baghdad airport in the summer of 2007, maintaining the communications network for Air Force…... » Read more

Salamanders Signal a Global Warning

A young alumna’s discovery in Yellowstone National Park is causing a stir far beyond its gates and has sobering implications for the future of the planet. For nearly five years, Sarah McMenamin ’04 has been conducting research on a subspecies of tiger salamander, called Ambystomatigrinum,…... » Read more

Michelle Cruz FP’98 – Victims’ Rights Watchdog

Michelle Cruz FP’98, named state victim advocate for Connecticut last year, says her new position couldn’t be a better match. “I’ve dedicated my life to this work. I’ve always known that I wanted to defend women’s and children’s rights.” Appointed by Governor M. Jodi Rell,…... » Read more

Growing Up, Growing Hope, Growing Food: Michelle Obama’s Garden

When the news first hit that Michelle Obama was starting an organic vegetable garden, I became obsessed, reading everything about it. As a passionate locavore and organic foodie, I can’t begin to describe the thrill I felt about her garden. As a black woman, my…... » Read more