Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love from Mount Holyoke to you on this Valentine's Day!  #MHCLove Mother of the American Valentine Esther Howland, class of 1847, grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts, where her father owned a large book and stationery store. Shortly after graduating, Howland received a beautiful, handcrafted…... » Read more

Then & Now: Fire Drills

—By Taylor Scott —Archival photo courtesy of MHC Archives & Special Collections —Current photo by Millie Rossman This article appeared in the winter 2015 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

Mountain Day Alumnae Reunions 2014

From New York to Bangladesh, Alumnae Gathered for a Mountain Day Scoop On Monday, September 29, President Pasquerella made an announcement: It was Mountain Day! Students made the trek to the top of Mt. Holyoke or slept in, enjoying a day off. Alumnae around the…... » Read more

Chronicling the Spanish Flu

Renowned physicist, Mildred Allen, taught at Mount Holyoke from 1918 to 1959. She was infected with the Spanish flu—along with more than a quarter of the student population—within weeks of arriving on campus her first year of teaching. During her quarantine she wrote letters to…... » Read more