Haunted Mount Holyoke

Campus legends and ghost stories have endured the test of time at Mount Holyoke. From ghost sightings in Wilder to faint mysterious noises in South Mandelle, many students and alumnae have experienced or heard of supernatural occurrences. This Halloween, Iris Parker Pavitt ’15 of Archives & Special Collections…... » Read more

Vintage Mountain Day

The First Mountain Day First held in 1838, a year after the seminary first opened, Mountain Day has endured to be one of the college's oldest and most beloved traditions. Mary Lyon was a firm believer in the power of physical as well as mental…... » Read more

The Life and Legacy of Virginia Apgar ’29

Virginia Apgar ’29 was an obstetric anesthesiologist best known for the Apgar score, a clinical system for evaluating the physical condition of newborns at birth. View her acceptance speech after being named Woman of the Year in Science by the by Ladies Home Journal in 1973. Read more…... » Read more

Frances Perkins Program

The Frances Perkins Program Students in the Frances Perkins Program for women of nontraditional age describe what they've experienced at Mount Holyoke: an academically challenging environment, a strong support network, dedicated classmates, and accessible, committed “No matter where you enter their classroom, they will move…... » Read more