Clapp Hall

Best Study Spots on Campus

With finals quickly approaching, we tracked down the quietest, most unique study spots on campus. Do you have a favorite study spot not pictured? Let us know in the comments and we'll take a photo to post to our Facebook and Instagram pages!... » Read more

Code Breakers at MHC

A few specially selected students learned how to crack code during WWII. Professor Roger Holmes taught legendary cryptography courses under the strictest secrecy, demanding that students study behind closed doors. Approved by a faculty unaware of the subject matter, the courses did not exist to…... » Read more

Inspirational Quotes

The Mount Holyoke libraries house 180 carrels—scattered throughout the Williston and Miles-Smith stacks—where seniors study, snack, sleep, and store mountains of books gathered for researching and writing a thesis. Students often personalize their carrels with inspirational quotes and photos. Download these printables to post near…... » Read more

Student Changemakers

Whether you’re reading the paper or watching broadcast news, getting pinged with breaking updates from your smartphone or clicking on a link from an outraged Facebook friend, one thing is almost certain: you’re probably seeing plenty of bad news. It’s enough to make even those…... » Read more