mohome memories


MoHome Memories: The Button Field

A Story in the Soil Across from the College, nestled between Ashfield and Jewett Lanes, observers are confronted with a small street sign for Buttonfield Lane. Long before the houses clustered around the road were built, the area was a small, scrubby field, unremarkable in…... » Read more

The Pepper Box

MoHome Memories: The Pepper Box

A Place for Star Gazing Lost to time, the Pepper Box was once a highlight of campus. Built in 1884, this small, twelve-sided building had two nicknames: The Pepper Box, for its resemblance to pepper shakers of the time; and the Spoon Holder, a rare…... » Read more

Ode to the Pepper Box

From October 10, 2016, through December 18, 2016, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum will feature the exhibit The Recovered History of Prospect Hill, exploring forgotten campus sites Goodnow Park, Lake Nonotuck, and the Pepper Box. Learn more about the exhibit by visiting the Mount…... » Read more


MoHome Memories: All Hail Jorge

Meet the ruler of Lower Lake Current students have a lot to say about Jorge, the resident goose of Lower Lake. Whether grazing with his posse of mallard ducks on Skinner Green or begging for bagels at the Prospect dining hall, Jorge is a celebrity…... » Read more