mohome memories

Old letters

MoHome Memories: Writing a Shared History

Round-robin letters “When I was a child, mother used to tell my brothers and sisters and me about the round-robin letters,” says Susan Hewitt FP’93. “It was part of the family lore.” Hewitt’s grandmother, Alice Walker Hodgkins, class of 1909, arrived at Mount Holyoke College…... » Read more


MoHome Memories: Making the Most of a Snowy Day

Sledding down the hills of campus Since its earliest days, Mount Holyoke’s students have had to endure the winters of South Hadley, Massachusetts. While generations of undergraduates have come and gone, one snowy activity has remained a campus favorite over the decades: sledding. Every winter,…... » Read more

MoHome Memories: Beneath the Full Moon

For twenty-seven years students have gathered at Gettell Amphitheater to take part in the Lunar Howling Society’s monthly ritual In the early days of each fall semester campus security often receives a worried call from a first-year student about the sudden howling emanating from Gettell…... » Read more

MoHome Memories: A Gathering of Scholars

Mount Holyoke served as a refuge for scholars during World War II During the most volatile years of World War II, Mount Holyoke saw a slew of extraordinary visitors as the College played host to the Entretiens de Pontigny, an intellectual gathering of European and…... » Read more