Class of 1918 50th reunion book documented a grand celebration

Among the treasures held by Archives and Special Collections are reunion books going back decades. It’s hard to know just how longstanding the tradition of creating these mementos is, but a copy from the class of 1863 is one of the earliest in the College’s…... » Read more

The Transcendent Journey of Mount Holyoke’s First International Student

In 1890 Toshi Miyagawa arrived in South Hadley after a long journey from Japan. The first international student to enroll at Mount Holyoke from outside North America, Miyagawa was one of the last graduates to receive a degree from Mount Holyoke Seminary. Just months after…... » Read more

Two members of the Blackstick literary society

The Origins of Mount Holyoke’s Esteemed Blackstick Literary Society

From 1909 to 1961 a select few upperclass students could be seen wandering around campus with a distinctive black stripe down their forehead and nose and a placard around their neck that read “Blackstick.” These strange signifiers marked students as members of the esteemed literary…... » Read more