The Lynk

What exactly is The Lynk? The Lynk is an essential part of Mount Holyoke’s promise to prepare students to face the future with confidence by enabling them to identify strengths, explore career possibilities, articulate learning outcomes, and network with successful professionals via four elements embedded…... » Read more

Jennifer Udden ’08 At Work

Literary Agent -- @suddenlyjen Jennifer Udden ’08 is an agent at Donald Maass Literary Agency, where she represents speculative fiction (both scifi and fantasy), urban fantasy, and mysteries, as well as historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance. She graduated from MHC with honors in English and…... » Read more

Rosina Shiliwala ’02

Rosina Shiliwala ’02 at Work

Marketing Executive -- @rosina_s Rosina Shiliwala ’02 is a global marketing and branding executive with more than a decade of experience in travel, luxury consumer goods, hospitality, beauty, health/wellness, retail and design industries. She is currently Director, North America for the Netherlands Board of Tourism…... » Read more

Aubrey Pennings ’03

Aubrey Pennings ’03 at Work

Web Developer -- @starshaped Aubrey Pennings ’03 is a web developer living and working in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She spends her days working as a JavaScript developer for a Fortune 100 financial services company, and spends her nights coding and writing entries for her blog,…... » Read more

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