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Dihann Geier ’78 on Coping with the Loss of Both Parents

A close friend once said to me that life is a series of losses. I thought that was a terribly pessimistic view of life, and I discarded it. I lived my life under a different banner: Life is wonderful! Life is joyous! Sure, there are…... » Read more

MHC Crossword Puzzle: A Challenge for All Mount Holyoke Wonks

This crossword by Eunice Willson Rice ’34 originally ran in the winter 1987 issue of the Quarterly, in celebration of Mary Lyon’s 190th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the founding of the College. Click to download a printable PDF of the puzzle. Select "fit to…... » Read more

My Voice: Becoming My Mother’s Daughter

I am a DES Daughter. DES—diethylstilbestrol—was a synthetic estrogen prescribed to millions of pregnant women, from about 1940 to the early 1970s, in the mistaken belief the drug prevented miscarriage and ensured a healthy pregnancy. Instead, DES harmed the mothers who were prescribed it, their…... » Read more

Songs My Mother Didn’t Teach Me

¶ ¶ Gale Stubbs McClung ’45 served as editor of the Alumnae Quarterly from 1962 to 1989. The following essay was one of nearly two dozen published in the Quarterly in the winter 1990 issue in response to a call for articles from alumnae on the meaning of…... » Read more