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Encounters with alums shaped current student’s summer experience

This past summer was an amazing, Mount Holyoke-filled adventure. I left campus for an internship in New York City, and it seemed that everywhere I went, I met another Mount Holyoke alum. I knew it already, but meeting so many alumnae in the world made…... » Read more

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How Sharing Cups of Chai Led Sadia Khatri ’15 to Call Herself a Feminist

If walls could talk, the walls of the Eliot House lounge could tell you the stories of our lives. The stories we shared with each other of our childhoods and college years, our loves and losses, and the fervor with which we could spend an…... » Read more

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Barbara Cellana Bernard ’48 on Working for a Full Life

With the exception of my mother, everyone in my family died young. This is the only reason I can fathom why I have always tried to pack so much living into the few years I thought I’d have. I am now 90 ½, and in retrospect…... » Read more

Dihann Geier ’78 on Coping with the Loss of Both Parents

A close friend once said to me that life is a series of losses. I thought that was a terribly pessimistic view of life, and I discarded it. I lived my life under a different banner: Life is wonderful! Life is joyous! Sure, there are…... » Read more