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Sonali Gulati’s ’96 Letter to Jean Grossholtz

I will never forget the day you and Eileen drove to Boston from South Hadley, to take me to Logan International Airport, which was only 20 minutes away. It was the day I learned — on my answering machine — the news of my mother’s…... » Read more

My Voice: Kelly Bahmer-Brouse ’86 on becoming an (older) alumna

—By Kelly Bahmer-Brouse ’86 Kelly Bahmer-Brouse ’86 lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, Andy, and cat, Archie. More of her illustrations and comics may be found at This article appeared as "Boomer, OK" in the winter 2020 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

My Voice: Aysha Baqir ’95 on #MeToo and the Asian Woman

“My cook.” “Mine too.” “It was my tutor.” “I never told anyone.”  My throat tightened as I gazed at the circle of motionless figures seated around the veined marble tabletop. Five minutes ago, my host’s black-and-white dining room had resonated with a powerful discussion of…... » Read more

My Voice: Sehba Sarwar ’86 on Belonging

While I fold and pack my saris, bedcovers, carpets and curtains — fabrics I’ve collected from Pakistan and India for more than 30 years — my friend Anita drops by my Houston house to help me pack my books. My preteen daughter and I are…... » Read more

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