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Expression of an interfaith relationship

Nestled in the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary sits a statue of Saint Sebastian. Standing at roughly 36½ inches tall, the statue is made of wood with gold gilt and is estimated to have been constructed in the early 17th century. In 2000 Charlotte Huston Reischer Clark…... » Read more

A rock painted white with a Mary Lyon two cent stamp quotes the founder: "Go forward, attempt great things. Accomplish great things."

On Display: Painted rocks hidden across campus

Found Objects: Spreading Joy About a year ago, Molly Dietrich Morris ’99 joined The Kindness Rocks Project™, a grassroots campaign launched when a rock painted with a note of encouragement was found and taken to heart. Last July, as Morris anticipated her upcoming 20th college…... » Read more

A century ago: illustrated idioms in a Mount Holyoke yearbook

THE 1919 LLAMARADA showcases two pages of illustrated idioms, including this one: Her pen ran out in the middle of class. The uncredited images are shared as part of the “Random Memories” section of the nearly 300-page yearbook. Other drawings appear throughout the book, but…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke student works to catalog Joseph A. Skinner’s book collection

Photos by Laura Shea/Mount Holyoke College Art Museum The project was an ambitious one: to establish a digital catalog of the book collection of Joseph A. Skinner, until recently only available for viewing at Mount Holyoke's Skinner Museum. To do so, each of the 684…... » Read more

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