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How to Use a Sundial

Sundials are the earliest type of clock and use the Sun and its position to indicate the time of day, commonly known as solar time. We haven't relied on sundials to tell time for centuries—not since time has been standardized across the world—but it can…... » Read more

On Display: Forever Dancing

In May 2015, during their fiftieth reunion weekend, about sixty members and friends of the class of 1965 gathered in Abbey Hall living room to dedicate a sculpture to classmate Denise Thompson Smith ’65, who passed away in 2010. A close-knit group of classmates, who call…... » Read more

The key, thought to be made of brass, measures five inches in length and hangs on a circular ring measuring five inches across. Photo by Joanna Chattman

On Display: Unlocked

Mary Lyon's Key Few details are known about the key to Mount Holyoke’s original Seminary building, but the Archives and Special Collections counts it among its collection. A skeleton key on an oversized circular ring, the key belonged to Mary Lyon, who used it to…... » Read more

On Display: Artifact

Mercury reigns Lining the walls of the first floor of Kendade Hall are eleven stick barometers, dating from 1790 to 1860. Each standing several feet tall and constructed from wood, glass, and metal, the mercury barometers were once used to measure atmospheric pressure in order…... » Read more

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