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Mary Lyon recpie

On Display: Written History

Mary Lyon’s recipes Among the collection of Mary Lyon’s manuscripts housed at Mount Holyoke are several recipes written in Lyon’s own handwriting. The recipes instruct the reader how to make some of the popular desserts of the time, including molasses cake and apple “dumplins.” Mary…... » Read more

On Display: Shared History

Time Capsule “Vive la M.H.C.,” reads a toast by Nan Evans, class of 1900. Inscribed on a small, handwritten class banquet menu dated March 19, 1898, this historical treasure is one of a number of artifacts included in a time capsule passed from the class…... » Read more

First Comic Book by Women Only

On Display: Women’s Liberation

First comic book In the spring of 2014 Mount Holyoke College acquired a first edition of It Ain’t Me Babe, the first American comic book to be created entirely by women, published in 1970. “When we looked at our collection in terms of curricular usage,…... » Read more

It Ain’t Me Babe: Breaking Out

"Breaking Out" is one of the comics included in It Ain't Me Babe and is a parody of mainstream female comic book characters waking up to the Women's Liberation movement. Read more about It Ain't Me Babe in the Alumnae Quarterly article, "On Display: Women’s Liberations First Comic Book." Artist credit: Carole…... » Read more

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