Photo: Self-portrait: Rada ’04

Indelible Images by Rada ’04

The image makes you stop and check twice. Are you looking in a mirror?  Seeing double?  What’s the story with these two impressively coiffed ladies? Photographer Rada ’04 explains the shot: “Twins was taken during a cherry blossom festival in Macon, Georgia. I was hired…... » Read more

An MHC Winter Wonderland

Snow flakes. (45) By Emily Dickinson I counted till they danced so Their slippers leaped the town – And then I took a pencil To note the rebels down – And then they grew so jolly I did resign the prig – And ten of…... » Read more

MHC Moment: January 2013

During this year-long recognition of ‘175 Years of Women of Influence,’ President Pasquerella is celebrating with alumnae both on-campus and around the country. In addition to the Founder’s Day celebration in South Hadley, fall events were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York…... » Read more

Is That You, Emily Dickinson?

Newly Discovered Daguerreotype Could be Only Second Known Photo of the Poet While the one authenticated image of Emily Dickinson has become an iconic portrait, for the past 125 years scholars and enthusiasts have only been able to peer into the eyes of the inscrutable…... » Read more

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