Naomi Barry Perez

Q&A with Naomi Barry-Perez ’96

This past March, Naomi Barry-Pérez ’96 met with Mount Holyoke students in Washington, DC, for the “MHC Lynk: On the Road” networking program. Barry-Pérez chatted with current students and gave the keynote speech titled, “Women in Public Service: Engage, Connect, Step Up.” A politics major…... » Read more

Meg A. Massey ’08 Shoots Hoops at the White House

Meg A. Massey ’08, former policy analyst with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and current consultant with Deloitte, had the unique opportunity to participate in a basketball game on the South Lawn of the White House last summer. Although she was unable to…... » Read more

Alison Carney ’02: Revolution on the Rails

Alison Carney travels the country to find musical connection THE MILLENIAL TRAINS PROJECT Before the advent of the Internet, text messages, or Skype, trains helped connect America’s vastly differing regions. From whistle-stop campaigns to train-hopping to chugging through scenic landscapes, rail travel has had quite…... » Read more

Rhea DeHart ’42: “Retires”

“Retire,” Rhea DeHart ’42 told the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 2002, “I don't have a good thing to say about that word. There's so many good organizations that need people to serve. The giver gets more than the person who receives.” Despite her years, DeHart…... » Read more

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