Business as Unusual

Three alum staffers of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords carry on after a shooting that shook the nation To Americans, Gabrielle Giffords is an inspiration. A fighter. A symbol of courage. A role model. A hero. A walking miracle. But to a select few, including three Mount…... » Read more

Don’t Wait to Be Asked: “2012 Project” Prods Women to Run for Elected Office

IN 2008, it seemed for a brief, heady moment that women were asserting their rightful place in national politics: Hillary Clinton ran for president, and Sarah Palin for vice president. But neither was elected, and the 2010 midterm elections proved a major setback for women…... » Read more

Casey Maliszewski FP’10: Turning Struggle into Success at the White House

Until the moment Casey Maliszewski FP'10 walked onto the campus of Raritan Valley Community College, she had never set foot inside a classroom. Homeschooled through the end of high school, Casey worked as a dancer with the Contemporary Dance Theater of El Salvador in Washington,…... » Read more

Web Extras for fall 2009 Quarterly: "Inside the Real West Wing"

More About Mona K. Sutphen ’89 "Real Mom" Story From Working Mother's "real mom stories": The White House deputy chief of staff for policy and mom of two shares how she balances life in and beyond the West Wing. Another World: Policy Chief Enters a…... » Read more