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MHC Moment: June 2014

Donning their red silk scarves—which they received hours prior at the Welcome Ceremony for New Alumnae—graduating seniors enjoyed a backyard barbecue at President Pasquerella's home on May 15.... » Read more

MHC Moment: May 2014

MHC Moment: May 2014

Shortly after President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 was inaugurated into office at Mount Holyoke College, the class of 2014 began their freshman year on campus. During this year's annual Strawberries & Champagne celebration, she was a bit teary eyed to say goodbye to her "first firsties." Pasquerella and…... » Read more

President’s Pen: Spring 2014

I have a confession to make. Until a few months ago, I had never been to the Emily Dickinson Museum. I know, I know, it’s indefensible. My wobbly excuse is that I’m a little like Parisians who’ve never taken in the Eiffel Tower or New Yorkers…... » Read more

MHC Moment: April 2014

Mount Holyoke representatives, including President Lynn Pasquerella ’80, marched in the South Hadley division of Holyoke's popular annual parade on a very cold March 23. The MHC float was designed by theatre department staff and decorated by greenhouse staff with flowers grown on site... » Read more